Volunteer Committes

If you are interested in joining a committee please contact the Executive Director, Deb Snyder at director@lewisclarkhabitat.org, or call 208.792.7568.

This operational committee meets monthly and is responsible for developing a long-range communication plan, and cultivation and managing the necessary resource to accomplish that plan. This committee will seek to strengthen the support of the affiliate’s work by sharing their story with individuals, religious organizations, community groups, corporations and businesses, and local government. The committee will be the liaison between the community. 

This operational committee works directly with and provide support to Habitat home buyers by mentoring them on their journey to becoming a homeowner.  Additionally, you will work closely with Homeowner Services in this supportive role.  This committee meetings monthly. 

This operational committee meets as quarterly, and as needed. The committee is responsible for providing feedback to Executive Director (ED) and Qualified Loan Officer (QLO) on selection criteria, and recruiting, screening, interviewing and Habitat homeowner applicants. This committee works in conjunction with ED and QLO to select Habitat homeowners from approved applications received during an application period. 

This operational committee meets monthly in with executive director and store manager to assist in providing feedback and support for Habitat Store operational policies and procedures, including operations, merchandising, sales, safety and marketing. 

This operational committee meets monthly and is responsible for an annual development plan. The committee works in partnership with the Executive Director and Board of Directors in creating and implementing fundraising campaigns, events, donor cultivation and researching and/or writing grant opportunities.

This operational committee is responsible for researching and identifying available vacant land, and recommending property to the Executive Director (ED) for acquisition. This committee will also assist the Construction Manager and ED, as needed, in:
1. Planning and implementing house construction projects
2. Developing and/or obtaining house plans
3. Researching costs for and soliciting help from professional construction contractors
4. Developing list of necessary building materials and prices
5. Developing a building schedule
6. Coordinating construction volunteers