Court-Ordered (CO) Community Service Volunteers

The L-C Valley Habitat for Humanity welcomes volunteers who are required by a court in Asotin and/or Nez Perce County to do community service. While most of our volunteer opportunities are open to CO volunteers, the time frame required for the hours’ completion typically means that an individual will volunteer Habitat Store or  construction site, when available.


To be eligible to use the L-C Valley Habitat for Humanity as a source for completing CO community service, your sentence must involve:

  • No convictions of a violent crime;
  • No convictions of an offense of a sexual nature;
  • No convictions of theft or burglary, (unless part of arbitration, first time offenders or diversion).
  • Drug Trafficking

How to apply

  • Complete an online volunteer account and liability waiver at


How to record and access your volunteer hours

  • Sign in at kiosk upon arrival at the work location (construction site, Habitat Store, or donation station); sign out when you leave the work site
  • Once your hours are complete, you can print your volunteer hours off your profile on volunteer hub. If you need help, please reach out to the Volunteer Coordinator or Habitat Store Manager for assistance. You can bring your hours reported for the Habitat Store Manager to sign if a signature is required.

Please Note: It can take up to two business days before CO volunteers will be released to register for events.  To ensure a quick process, please complete your online volunteer profile and questions. The L-C Valley Habitat for Humanity reserves the right to terminate this agreement for CO community service if the participant is in any way unproductive, disruptive, or in any other way negatively impacts the accomplishment of our affiliate’s mission.

Questions?  Contact:

Habitat Store Manager, Darrell Chastain
208.669.1311 call/text

Volunteer Coordinator, Jennifer McGlothen