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Our “30 for 30” campaign is under way…

To celebrate our 30th anniversary, join the 30 for 30 challenge.

Volunteer 30 hours in 2021 or donate $30 to L-C Valley and get a 30-year Anniversary lapel pin.

Wear our lapel pin proudly.

Volunteer Appreciation Week

Did you volunteer with Habitat for Humanity in 2020? Stop by the Habitat Store April 20-23. We want to see your faces and show how much we appreciate you.

We want to give you a special thank you containing a gift card from one of several generous local establishments.

Do you wish to volunteer in 2021?

Join us on Saturday, April 24th, 11 am – 1 pm for our Volunteer Information and Appreciation BBQ! Anyone who volunteered with us over the last year or is interested in finding out more about volunteer opportunities with Habitat for Humanity is welcome to attend.  Click here for more information about volunteer opportunities.

Introducing L-C Valley Habitat for Humanity’s latest homeowner:

Brittni is an industrious, hard-working mother of a delightful 17-month old little boy she describes as “the light of her life.” Brittni is devoted to providing the best possible future for him. However, the outdated baseboard heating in her apartment is expensive to run and poses an elevated risk because they get overly hot to the touch and previously burned burn him. She stated “I have to turn the heaters off at the breaker box and use space heaters in individual rooms, just to keep my son safe.”

As a single mom, Brittni struggles to make ends meet with high rent and utility costs as well the costs of raising a child. She works full-time during the week in a medical office and weekends at a local retailer. Plus, she is attending school full-time online in her “free time.” Her commitment to providing for herself and her son and vision for the future made her an ideal Habitat homeowner. We are proud to share that Brittni and son will be starting the new year in their new, energy-efficient, 2-bedroom home with a zero-percent interest!

Upon seeing the house for the first time, Brittni exclaimed “it’s beautiful!” And she shared that she is excited that her son will finally have his own yard to play in as he grows. Curl family, we hope you share many happy memories together in your new house. Welcome home!