Clarkston Affordable Home Repair (AHR) Program – Coming in 2021!

At Habitat for Humanity, we believe everyone deserves a decent place to live. In addition to building and selling new, we also make affordable home repairs for homeowners in the neighborhoods where we build. If you own your home located in Lewiston, Idaho or Clarkston, Washington and you have a need for affordable repairs you may qualify!

The Affordable Home Repair Program helps families address critical needs in their homes by focusing on safety, accessibility and meeting municipal codes. By  offering home repairs for a low cost, the program will help preserve and ensure safe, decent, and affordable housing in our community. Affordable repairs provide a low cost way for fixed income seniors and persons living with disabilities to repair or modify their homes so that they can continue to live safely and independently, and age in place.

  • Porch and step repairs
  • Exterior door repair and replacements
  • Roof and chimney repairs
  • Broken window repairs
  • Interior code violations
  • Plumbing hazards
  • Electrical hazards
  • HVAC repairs
  • Foundation repairs
  • Structural repairs
  • Tree hazards
  • Installation of smoke alarms/carbon monoxide detectors

NOTE: For exterior home repairs, see our A Brush with Kindness (ABWK) program

You must demonstrate the following requirements:

  1. Own and occupy a home that needs repairs as defined above
  2. Have a zip code of 83501 or 99403. Meet income guidelines– See Income Requirements below (INCOME).
  3. You are unable to complete repair project due to age, disability, or other circumstances (NEED).
  4. You are willing to complete 24 hours of “sweat equity” working with L-C Valley Habitat for Humanity on their home or other Habitat volunteer opportunities, as (WILLINGNESS TO HELP).
  5. Pay  a $100 non-refundable deposit, and 10, 15 or 20% of materials cost for the project.  The payback is determined on a sliding scale based upon income.  An affordable payment schedule is set up to pay back the homeowners costs.
  1. At the time of selection, homeowner must intend to continue to reside in the home as primary residence for no less than three years.
  2. You must be current on your mortgage payments and property taxes.
  3. Must not be any liens against the property, other than mortgage liens.
  4. Homeowner must be current on insurance and property taxes at time of repairs and through repayment period.
  5. Applicant must be a homeowner, must live in the home, and the home must be the homeowner’s primary residence.
  6. Homeowner(s) must pass a background check.
  7. Home cannot be used in a manner that violates local, state, and federal law.
  8. Family must agree to continue to maintain the home to the best of their ability (keep neat, clean, and in good repair) so as not to reduce its value or that of the neighborhood.
  1. Fill out all of the online or pdf application; incomplete applications WILL NOT be considered
  2. If the question doesn’t apply to you, you may mark N/A or leave it blank.
  3. Attach additional sheets as needed
  4. Sign and date the authorization and release forms
  5. If there are co-applications, both must sign
  6. Mail, drop off or upload additional requested documents- see follow section for list of documents

LCV HFH will review all repair requests.  Once approved, the LCV HFH Construction Manager will review the repair(s) request and job costs with the homeowner for their approval of all costs before the work begins.

As condition of approval, the homeowner(s) will be required to provide a signed photo release for photos of the family and home.

Please upload or send copies of the following documents:

  1. Your newest income tax return.
  2. If you did not file taxes for this past year, please provide a letter, signed by you, that states you did not file taxes and the reason why.
  3. Your last 2 paycheck stubs or other proof of income.
  4. You last 2 bank statements showing all checking, saving, and loan balances.
  5. If you do not have a bank account, please write that on the application.
  6. Proof of child support and/or public assistance if you receive them.
  7. This includes SSI, TANF, Social Security, disability, food stamps, etc.
  8. Proof of home ownership.
  9. Deed of Trust or recent property tax receipt will be sufficient.

Please fill-out the form below or call the office (509) 758-7396 for more information.

Habitat’s home repair program would not be possible without the generosity of our program sponsors: