1. 2020 Interlocal Agreement with City of Clarkston
  2. 2020 WA DOC CDBG Award Letter
  3. 2020 WA DOC CDBG Approved Scope of Work and Budget
  4. Approved 2020 WA CDBG Contract with City of Clarkston #20-62210-030

a. Contract Start Date: 9/10/2020

b. Contract End Date: 9/30/2023

i. Record Retention

        1. Secured and Available to Public
        2. Six years After Grant Closing Date

5. Approved Subrecipient Agreement between City of Clarkston and L-C Valley Habitat for Humanity

6. WA DOC CDBG Project Manager:

a. Genny Matteson matteson@commerce.wa.gov

b. 725.3093

c. CBDG Handbook/ Attached Forms https://www.commerce.wa.gov/serving-communities/cdbg-technical-assistance-resources/

7. CDBG Income Limits

a. 2020

b. 2021 (not yet available)


Currently, there is no nonprofit providing assistance with major home repairs in the city of Clarkston.  The L-C Valley Habitat for Humanity and the City of Clarkston’s Affordable Home Repair Program (AHRP) will help fill this need for qualified low-income residents in the Clarkston city limit. The AHRP can assist in addressing the serious structural home repairs for low and moderate-income homeowners. The AHRP will preserve the housing structure instead of letting it fall into a condition that requires demolition.  It allows the owners to remain in place instead of displacing them somewhere else.  It enhances the neighborhood and helps to improve property values in the surrounding community.

Clarkston’s total housing stock is aging considerably, with a limited supply of new homes being built within the city limits.  Fifty-six percent of homes are older than 1950, plus the value of owner-occupied homes are skewed to the low end, with 22% worth less than $100,000. Clarkston homes are valued at 46% of the statewide median value (ACS, 2018).  As input to the updated comprehensive plan, the City surveyed residents.  Among a list of important objectives to guide future changes, “Maintaining and enhancing the visual appearance of buildings and landscaping” ranked #1.  The third highest priority for quality of life is “Affordable Housing.”  And an overwhelming number of respondents believe adding more single-family homes to the housing stock is important.  The survey confirms that a program like the Affordable Home Repair Program will be a benefit to improve the housing conditions for existing homeowners, which provides community enhancement and encourages more thoughtful development. Another recent survey completed for the Innovia Foundation within Asotin County determined affordable/decent housing was 2nd highest priority of survey respondents on what makes a good place to live, behind health services.   Affordable/decent housing was the 3rd highest priority for what needs improving behind job prospects and wages. (Inland NW Insights, 2019)

L-C Valley Habitat for Humanity, is a nonprofit organization that has served the Lewiston-Clarkston valley for almost 30 years.  In 1991, Lewiston-Clarkston Partners Habitat for Humanity was incorporated in Washington, and later in Idaho, to build and sell houses to low-income individuals and families with zero interest mortgages.  The vision of Habitat is “a world where everyone has a decent place to live.” Habitat for Humanity’s role in realizing that vision is expressed in its mission: by bringing people together “to build homes, communities, and hope.”  Over the last 29 years, the agency has built 34 affordable homes in the Lewiston-Clarkston Valley, impacting over 50 adults and 80 children.

The AHRP will be the first partnership between Habitat and the city of Clarkston, by expanding services to include conducting 18 affordable home repairs for low and moderate-income residents over the next two years.  The work performed will be narrowed with the highest priority given to addressing life/safety hazards, followed by structural/system deficiencies, and finally energy efficiency improvements.  Examples of structural items for repairs/rehabilitation addressed include the following:

  • Roof and siding repair/replacement
  • Porch or deck rehabilitation
  • Replacement of interior floor joists and subflooring
  • Replacement of wall framing
  • Replacement/repair of drywall
  • Replacement of collapsed sewer lateral from house to sewer main
  • Replacement of failed water service line form meter to house
  • Replacement/repair of deficient sidewalks
  • Replacement/repair of structurally deficient interior/exterior stairs
  • Remediation of lead-based paint
  • Interior and exterior painting
  • Replacement of furnace, cooling systems, or hot water heaters
  • Replacement of single-pane windows with energy efficient windows
  • Electrical panel improvements


  1. Standards of Conduct (pdf)
  2. L-C Valley Habitat Housing Program Policies and Procedures (pdf)
  3. Payment Approval Process and Procedures (TBD)
  4. CDBF Income Limits Tables
    1. 2020 (pdf)
    2. 2021 (not yet available)



a. Quarterly Reports

i. CBDG Quarterly Beneficiary Report for 7/1-6/30 DUE 7/15 (Attachment 4H)

b. Annual Reports

i. CDBG Contract/SR Activity Report (Attachment 7J)

ii. CBDG Annual Beneficiary Report for 7/1-6/30 DUE 7/15 (Attachment 4D)

iii. CDBG Summary Report for 7/1-6/30 DUE 8/31 (Attachment 7G)

c. Final Reports/Actions

i. Public Hearing

ii. Submit CDBG Contract Closeout Report


a. Initial Setup

i. Establish a Non-Interest-Bearing Account for CDBG Funds

1. CFDA Program Number: 14.228

b. Annual Report

i. Program Income Report for 1/1-12/31 DUE 2/15 (Attachment 4A)

c. Final Report

i. Final Payment- 5% retained (TBD)


Affordable Home Repair Program
Homeowner Selection/Award
Forms Responsible Party
Receive/Review Application & Supporting Documentation from Homeowner Applicants pdf GA
Evaluate Award/Decline Homeowner Application Email GA
Complete Homeowner Property Inspection/Checklist Attachment 9D CM & CPW
Complete Homeowner Repair Project Scope of Work & Budget pdf CM & CPW
House photos (all four sides) jpeg CM
Document Homeowner Selection Criteria and Process pdf GA/CM
Complete Homeowner Agreement pdf ED & CM
Affordable Home Repair Program

Construction Projects

Submit/Document SEPA Compliance Email to Clarkston PWD GA
Submit/Document NEPA Compliance Email to Clarkston PWD GA
Select subcontractors from Small Works Roster and request bids (minimum 2) Email to Subcontractors GA/CM
Evaluate Subcontractor Bids Award/Decline pdf GA/CM
Execute Construction Contract Award Attachment 5B

Attachment 5C

Dated Documentation of SAM.gov eligibility http://sam.gov GA
Start of Construction Notification Attachment 8B GA
Secure Construction Permit from the City pdf CM
Post Onsite Job Board TBD CM
Monitor Project/Subcontractor Progress- Site Audit TBD CPW
AHRP Project Reports
Monthly Report: WA DOC CDBG Project Status Report Attachment 4B4 GA/FC
Project Final Report: Attachment 9I GA
AHRP Financial Reports
Weekly: Employee Timesheet Attachment 4C CM/FC
Monthly: A-19 Voucher & Documentation Attachment 4B1

Attachment A19 Instructions

Monthly: Diverse Spend/Reported Expenses & Documentation Attachment 4B5 GA/FC
Final Payment:


a. Publish announcement for each project and annually

i. LCV HFH CDBG Small Works Roster Advertisement Template

ii.  LCV HFH CDBG Small Works Roster Applicatio