What Is Home Is The Key (HITK)

HITK is a campaign that seeks to increase awareness in the importance of decent, safe, affordable homes AND raise funds to help support Habitat for Humanity programs.

One Study Found…

“One out of every two American adults face increasing barriers to homeownership.” Barriers cited include:

  • Rising home prices 18%
  • Lack of fund for down payment / closing costs 14%

“Analysis shows that every year a child spends in a better environment improves that child’s outcomes in adulthood in areas including pre-tax income, employment status, college attendance, teenage birthrates, and marital status”

“One study found that poor quality housing, including structural and maintenance deficiencies, was the most consistently and strongly predictive of children’s negative well-being across the span of childhood, including worse emotional and behavioral functioning and lower cognitive skills”.

Source: https://www.habitatca.org/wp-content/uploads/2020/12/Habitat-US_Literature-Review-Effects-of-Affordable-Homeownership-and-Home-Repairs-on-Key-Outcomes.pdf

Where Can I Donate

L-C Valley Habitat for Humanity recruited additional retail partners to support our 2022 fundraising campaign. The following stores will be accepting donations:

  • A&B Foods – Lewiston, both locations
  • Early Bird Supply – Lewiston & Clarkston
  • Erb’s Ace Hardware – Lewiston
  • Habitat ReStore – Lewiston
  • Rick’s Foods, Height’s Foods – Clarkston

Donate Online

How Donations Are Collected

Participating locations will collect donations at the registers. Stores can choose to either offer the purchase of a “house” in denominations of $1, $5, or $20 or allow shoppers to “round up” their purchase to the next whole dollar (or more).  Donations are also accepted online by clicking the link above.

How Funds Are Used

All donations stay here in the LC Valley to support L-C Valley Habitat for Humanity programs focused on providing affordable housing and home repairs to deserving low-income individuals and families in our community.

Thank You To Our Sponsors!