Does Habitat for Humanity help repair homes?

Habitat Critical Home Repairs is a low-cost program that aims to improve quality of life through affordable home repairs. The program addresses these challenges by providing reliable, trustworthy services for critical home repairs.


Habitat for Humanity provides subsidized critical home repairs and modifications for seniors those with disability or low-income circumstances.


To provide a low-cost way for seniors and low-income homeowners to repair or modify their homes so that they can continue to live safely and independently age in place.

Finding appropriate seniors housing is difficult, even for people with the financial flexibility to afford their own living spaces.

·      On average, living in a senior-residence can costs between $1,800 to $2,500 a month.  Even with subsidies, this can be unreachable for many people.

·      Sometimes, there is more than just a financial strain exacted on those moving to a long-term facility. The loss of independence, moving away from family, and spousal separation can take an emotional toll on a person.

·      An inability to keep up with regular home maintenance adversely impacts safety, can lead to more severe emergency situations down the road, and threatens the ability to live independently, particularly for seniors and persons living with disabilities.

No matter our age or abilities, we all deserve to live with dignity, in a safe and secure home in which we can feel proud. That is why Habitat for Humanity is committed to building healthy, stable communities.

Habitat Critical Repair Program helps to revitalize communities in many ways:

  • Access to accommodation supports and renovations that enhance comfort and support independent living improves the lives of senior citizens or those living with disabilities
  • Homeowners can receive assistance with their monthly expenses through the creation of basement apartments or secondary suites
  • Renters of the new basement apartments are provided with safe, decent, affordable housing. As the current rental vacancy rate in Halton Region sits at 1.3%, this helps to alleviate one of our community’s greatest challenges
  • All proceeds generated by Habitat Handyman are cycled back into Habitat’s Build Fund, helping more families fulfill the dream of home ownership.

Anyone interested in Handyman services can contact the program administrator, Deborah Snyder

How does Habitat Handyman work?

If a homeowner wishes to be considered for low-income pricing, he or she must provide proof of income, (the previous year’s CRA Notice of Assessment for all members 18+ not attending full time studies). A Habitat Handyman will book an appointment to visit the home and evaluate the scope of work.

If the work falls into Habitat’s capabilities, then the Handyman will provide the homeowner with a written estimate for the materials (if applicable) along with another for the labor required to complete the job. The homeowner signs and approves the estimate(s) then returns them to Habitat. On receipt of payment, Habitat purchases required materials and schedules a project start date.

The Habitat Critical Home Repair Program offers the following services:

  • General Carpentry
  • Cabinet removal and installation
  • Kitchen repair/renovation
  • Bathroom repair/renovation
  • Drywall installation and repairs
  • In/exterior painting
  • Installation of flooring (laminate and tile only)
  • Installation of attic insulation
  • Vinyl siding installation and repair
  • Home exterior pressure washing
  • Deck repair and maintenance (pressure washing, staining and sealing)
  • Fencing installation and repair
  • Gutter cleaning
  • General seasonal home maintenance

Upon completion of the job, an invoice for labor is sent to the homeowner for payment (30-day terms). The homeowner completes a follow up satisfaction survey to help Habitat identify service improvement opportunities.

Anyone interested can contact the program administrator, Deborah Snyder

Please note that this Interest Form is not an application, but provides us with your contact information so that we may contact you for further information.

We build strength, stability and self-reliance through shelter.

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